I love life! Like I am literally in love with life; the lessons learnt in the valleys, the heady euphoria on the mountain tops, the hearts that connect to mine on this journey.

This is tribute to life; a story of life and things. Lessons, stories, life hacks and all the in betweens. A journey into the mind of a lifeaholic.

I love writing. It is the lens through which I make sense of this life that I have been blessed with (in the times when i forget that is is a blessing). I love music. It’s my escape, my solace, my day one.

Above all, I love my Creator, the one who filled my mind with these words and gave my thoughts shape on paper and screen. Everything I am is to give back to the world He so lovingly formed.

I hope this blesses you as much as it continually blesses me.

Shelah Owino

a.k.a Sheelz

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