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3 Deadly Mistakes Copywriters Make
3 Deadly Mistakes Copywriters Make

3 Deadly Mistakes Copywriters Make

Sometimes the biggest mistakes a writer makes are not even related to their writing skill at all. The biggest mistakes I made as I started my copywriting career were not either (most of them anyway). Do not make the same mistakes I did. 

1️⃣Writing before connecting

Starting out, you may find yourself more focused on meeting a deadline than tapping into your deepest emotions to connect with your audience. I consider this the worst mistake I made. My copy fell flat so fast so often that I realised I need to change something before my career tanked.

Any copy you write without the anchor of human connection is what I consider hanging copy. There’s no telling the abysmal engagement hanging copy will garner.  I know I have said this countless times before but I will say it yet again. Before you write, get to know and understand your audience. Copy connects before it converts. 

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2️⃣Taking on too much

As a driven energy-filled fireball, saying yes to every project that hit my desk got me into more binds than I care to recall. I underestimated project timelines, overestimated how fast I could deliver creative converting copy and forgot that I needed to rest.

Biting off more than you can chew in quantity and nature of work can leave you burnt out. Schedule all your projects reasonably including times of rest. The fastest way to writer’s block is burn out. And the fastest way to a bad rep is failing to deliver quality work on time.

3️⃣Not skilling up

Never settle for your current skill level. Always skill up. The market is stock full of budding copywriters now. It is not enough for you to keep writing the same way you did 1 month ago.

Read up on copywriting, attend webinars, take on a new niche, put yourself onto freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr

Keep your skills sharp, writing fresh and copy converting always.

Have you been writing for a while? What are some of the mistakes you made? I would love to learn from you. Connect with me here.