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3 Simple Things Every Great Copywriter Must Do
3 Simple Things Every Great Copywriter Must Do

3 Simple Things Every Great Copywriter Must Do

If you have the sublime pleasure of reading Persuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen, you will know and understand the role of human emotions on perception and response to the written word (or copy). In his writing, Andy highlights 3 things you must have the ability to do in order to be numbered among the copy wizards.

I am sold out on the philosophy that copywriting is an extension of the copywriter. Think about it for a moment…

From the words welling up from the recesses of your creative genius to the ideas rattling around in your brain or dancing on the pages of your little notebook, every word you write is an extension of you. Tone, wit, humour, and repeated words are all a reflection of the essence of who you are, your beliefs and even your day-to-day.

Here are those 3 ridiculously simple things you can do to become a better copywriter:

#1. Empathise

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While great templates and Copy AI are being developed, the key to great copy is the human connection. This is why it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the needs and feelings of the reader before you write a single word.

The ability to understand and share the feelings of your reader and convey it in your writing will reel them in and keep them in. Your copy will connect with your audience on a deeper level; their emotions, fears, cares, pains, joys…whole nine yards.

Empathy is THE secret ingredient to great copy.

You’ve got to connect. And Connect. Then connect some more.

🌼Tap into the mind and heart of your reader.
🍀Know and understand their fears and objections.
🌺Understand the things that make them tick.

Only then will you be able to write what they can relate with and want more of.

#2. Persuade

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The ultimate goal of copywriting is get someone (the reader) to do or buy something. It goes without saying that a great copywriter must have mad persuasive writing skills.

You want your copy to have the reader saying, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme NOW!”

Words do have power. It is our honourable duty as copywriters to wield and use this power to guide the world to the things they need or want (and might not even know that they do).

With copywriting, you are literally writing your audience into doing or believing what you are writing about.

Now before you go and say copywriting is manipulative, I’d like to remind you that great copy puts the reader first. No one wants their arm to be twisted. Remember to value the people first before the benefit.

#3. Influence

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Each word you write must impact your audience. Sway your readers with top-notch copy that impacts behaviour and decisions towards the client goals.

No matter where your copy appears; billboards, magazines, webpages, blogs, packaging, bar towels, or beach umbrellas, it should pack a powerful punch.

Me thinks, you can practice this in your conversations and interactions and see how people respond to something you would write.

Some final thoughts on persuasive copywriting…

The copy you are writing is not about you (unless it is).

Last week, I wrote what I thought was the best copy I had ever written. After a long weekend of rest, I came back to an email that the copy had been rejected.

That aside, I have every intention of adding it to my portfolio because I loved it but I would never foist it on the client. As you write, remember that great copywriters empathise, persuade and influence with exceptional copy (not mean forceful words after they’ve written).

No matter how many times you have to write it to get it right, do not sacrifice the quality of your copy for anything.

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