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Getting unstuck
Getting unstuck

Getting unstuck

Gosh! I have not done this in FOREVER! Been musing about getting unstuck…

I tried and failed to write posts last year (2021). It’s not that I was too busy. I was just paralyzed. Have you ever wanted to do something so bad that you fail to do it completely? You overthink, analyze, plan, schedule and talk about it until it becomes another one of the things you wanted to do but did not.

The good (and bad) news is that you are not alone. I have no stats for it but SO many of us (humans) allow desire to become the finish line. I want to get in shape (this has loomed over my head for so long). Or I need to get out of debt. Shouldn’t I have to quit my job and moved on to something I love? I want to…I wish I could.

You can!

Here’s the thing. You are either afraid to fail or of the responsibility and pushback success comes with.

This is the real deal; one life. There is no dress rehearsal. We are ALL learning on the job. The invisible pressure making you think you need to have it all together and figured out is a figment of your imagination. I am not negating the importance of being driven. As a VERY driven person, I don’t like settling. But it should not control your life or rob your joy. Taking time off to rest, rethink, review and rejuvenate does not make you and I complacent. It makes us better!

Comparison Kills.

More than your dreams, comparison kills the part of you that you listen to. It poisons you and makes you second guess your ability to achieve your goal. A role model is great! They embody who and what you wish to be but do not define who you are. God, in His infinite wisdom, made each of us uniquely. Even with the same skill, style differs. Even with the same strengths, the potency of application differs in various areas.

Look, if you want to be like someone…be like the person God created you to be. If role models will help you along the way, that’s great. Just guard your heart against getting so lost in them, an image you have elevated on a pedestal, that you forget YOU. God was pleased to put His image on each one of us. There is a dimension of your Creator that only you can reflect. Do not rob the world of it.

Action Anxiety

John Maxwell writes about this in his book 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. When you know what you should do but do not do it, you get frustrated. Thinking through this, I realized that there’s more to it. The longer you take to do that which you know you ought to, the more frustrated you get. The frustration eventually paralyzes you and you watch life happening around you for a time. Then something happens and it is like a switch flips! Suddenly there are all these things you MUST do but have no time to do them well. As you have this epiphany, anxiety sets in.

It manifests differently for us all. For some, a mid-life crisis where you try to cram all the things you should have done in the shortest time possible. For others, it makes you give up and decide to ‘be’.

Neither way helps you out of your rut. When you are getting unstuck, I would advise tackling that monstrous obstacle looming over your head one little task at a time. (It worked for me.) Not that it is the only way, it is just the only way I know.

One step at a time

Do you need to lose 15 kgs? Do not focus on the goal. Focus on the steps you need to take to achieve it and work on them. Do you need to set a regular sleep cycle? Drink more water? Drink less sugar? Need to start working out? Eat more healthy nutritious food? Start with one little thing and keep at it till you have it down pat. And then add other little things until you have it. It takes time. But it is a sustainable way to get to your goal.

Apply it to whatever goal you have; career, family, personal development, name it. Break your goal down into the steps you will need to take to make that dream a reality and start with step one.

Give yourself grace. Extend yourself the same kindness you do to your special someone or children. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to grow into the disciplines. It takes time for you to get unstuck.

Yep. Just been thinking about this. Thought I’d share!

Pick one thing and work at it until you’ve got your groove.

All the best,


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