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Marriage; Confessions of a Lockdown-sick Girl
Marriage; Confessions of a Lockdown-sick Girl

Marriage; Confessions of a Lockdown-sick Girl

In a candid conversation about marriage with the Holy Spirit, He posed a question to me:
“Why do you want to marry him beyond the sex?” I must admit that I was about stumped for all of 10 minutes as I mulled it over in my head.

For as long as I can recall, marriage seemed like golden ticket for ‘holy’ sex. But I needed to go deeper than that. Until I could connect my need to be married to the love of my life to something more than physical intimacy, I just wasn’t ready for marriage.

My marriage reasons…

Looking back over the couple of years we’ve spent together, his smile stands out like a beacon. If I could wake up the that every morning, I’d be a happy woman.

At the end of the day, I want to come home to him and goof around, play charades or dance (really terribly) to loud music. And just when I’m worried that it’s going to end, remember that we’re married.

No doubt about it!

Without a doubt, I want to share my victories and sorrows with him, to hold his hand as we walk through the years together. As we learn to surf life waves, I want to be his helpmate. All through the years, bringing out the gem I see in him. My dream is to build a life, a home and an empire with him.

I want to go sailing with him (neither of us have ever done it). On lazy and busy evenings alike, I want to watch God paint His sunset masterpieces. All without the niggling thought at the back of my mind that we need to get back.

Marriage on the slow days…

Even when life slows down, I want to laze around with him: cook a three course meal, order in, go for a picnic, host potlucks and pizza night.

If I’m being completely honest, I want every moment of my life to be infused with his presence, his laughter, his warmth, his scent. I want the tapestry of my life to be inseparably woven in marriage with his because he complements me and I, him.

🥰I want to be his in earnest and experience every moment with him.

Every day…


And Forever.

PS: Just thoughts about marriage – the best years of our lives.


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