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4 tips that will guarantee you massive wins in the new year
4 tips that will guarantee you massive wins in the new year

4 tips that will guarantee you massive wins in the new year


Can I be honest with you?

I feel like so many ‘people’ live inside of me! I’ve been racking my brain for ways to win even bigger in 2021 and I stumbled upon 4 distinctly different personalities that show up at random times in my day and life. So my first tip will be a bonus tip ๐Ÿ˜‰

Embrace your personality!

Golden Hour Illustration by Aminah Dantzler

No! I’m not trying to put you in a box! But the world is spherical and we’re in it, so like it or not, there really is some kind of structure to the way life happens.

Each human being is as diverse as they come but we all love, laugh, hurt, and cry. While there is no way I can fit all your awesomeness into a measly label, allow me to add to the easel of your life with these broad brushstrokes. Remember this: you know you best! If you don’t agree with some of these stuff, it’s cool! I still pray that you win and enjoy greatness and abundance. But before you discard this post, how about you give it a try?

My 4 tips for you are derived from my 4 new girlies; Ashley, Bree, Corin, and Deanne.

#1. Ashley; The Fun lover!

Okay, okay! You don’t need to roll your eyes that far back ๐Ÿ˜œ We all love to have fun. But Ashley here is driven by it. If it’s not loud, flashy, or fun, she won’t do it! And if she does it by some twist of fate, it will feel like a DRAG!

Work feels like a burden until it’s Causal Friday and she can drop the stuffy pantsuit for a floral dress and big brass earrings. Ashley is big on living life to the fullest. Swimming, spa days, self-treats, selfies, and Snapchat. (See what I did there! Hehehe anyway, moving on) In fact, my good friend Ash is moving out of the corporate world and starting her own jewelry collection.

[Track scratches]

Enough about Ashley! You didn’t come here for her, did you? 

If you identify with Ashley, here’s a springboard for your 2021:

Make your goals REWARD-BASED!


Celebrate every tiny thing! It doesn’t have to be flashy, just fun for you! And hun, if your wallet doesn’t support this, head over to my favorite creativity and money coach to learn about passion budgeting. She won’t bore you, I promise.

Alrighty, I’ll hand the brush back to you! Remember, Ashley always says there’s no such thing as too much color! ๐Ÿ˜‰

#2. Bree; The Go-getter.

All my Ashleys, don’t go away just yet. Your best friend or sibling might be just like Bree! Feel free to share this with them if you think they’d learn from it.

Five Twentysix on Pinterest

Bree lives for achievement! All through high school, the shelves were laden with her accolades for everything she could possibly do. She gives her ALL to everything she does. There is no such phrase as “I can’t” in her vocabulary.

Whether it’s vocal training, work, exercise, or a lazy day, Bree needs to know what she is supposed to accomplish for that day or with that activity at least!

Sound like you?

Simple then:

Set Goals for the year. Break them down into quarters, then months. Have a deliverable for each month and work at it with small consistent efforts every day. 


Like Bree, you might find that you burn out quite easily. Don’t forget to schedule and honor time for rest every day, or week. Focus on creating sustainable lifestyle habits rather than just achieving the goal. Your energy is valuable, let it add value to you too!

#3. Corin; The Calm one.

Corin is passive about almost everything. Nothing ruffles her feathers. Well, mostly nothing. If you step on her toes, she’ll let it slide unless of course, you’ve hit a sore spot. When she decides to do something, she digs in and makes it happen no matter what. There’s just not that much that strikes her fancy.

Corin loves to keep the peace and might do something she doesn’t want to do to make you happy.

One of my sisters is just like Corin! Boy oh boy! I love how calm she is. She’s soft spoken and will not get bent out of shape over something she can’t change. Her mantra is: “Do what gives you peace”

Are you like my sister and Corin?

Make a go-getter friend!

Yes, you have your own goals, and that’s great! But for the days when you’re tempted to stay in instead of heading out, this friend will be a great motivator and motivation. I’ve had the honor of being this for one of my personal people and they have grown by leaps and bounds while maintaining their awesome personality!

Careful though, it’s important that you don’t become dependent or envious of this friend. Your journeys and personalities are different and meant to complement each other. This means that there’ll always be a difference. Love it, it’s for your good!

#4. Deanne; The Lister

Featured Artist: Nicholle Kobi

People just don’t get it!!! You’ll never forget things if you follow the list! If you’re like Deanne, this is possibly one of the thoughts running through your mind when someone forgets something obvious yet again!

Deanne is as neat and tidy as they come. Her knack for keeping things organised shows in everything she does. Not only does she love lists, she has a keen eye for detail. One of her pet peeves is things being put out of order and not replaced. She likes to correct people because that is how she loves. She is sensitive too and in touch with her emotions.

Do you resonate more with Deanne?

Create self-supporting habits and get out of your own head.


The world is not like your favorite pin striped suit. Oh, how you’d love that! People are messy and life is even messier. Things happen that you can’t control and you need to be okay with that. 2020 has been proof of this! 

Of course, you might be a combination of these four ( I know I am) so feel free to mix and match as you need to! Remember, you know you best, so do what best suits you.

You do you!

Here’s a quick summary:

๐ŸŒžMake your goals reward-based!

๐ŸŒžSet goals for the year. Break them down into quarters, then months. Have a deliverable for each month and work at it with small consistent efforts every day. 

๐ŸŒžMake a go-getter friend!

๐ŸŒžCreate self-supporting habits and get out of your own head.

See you at the finish line!

I wish you nothing but happiness and blessings in 2021!

Your #1 cheerleader,

Sheelz. ๐Ÿ’™

Happy New Year!

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