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5 Best Home Workouts That Will Make You Lose Weight Fast

5 cardio routines that will help you lose weight

Hey Life Tribe! Today, I’m going to share 5 YouTube fitness trainers who helped me lose weight FAST!

Previously, I tried to lose weight fast with pills and fad diets. I will not lie to you and tell you that there are no pills that lose weight fast. You can even lose weight fast with water as your body sheds the extra water weight.

But which ‘lose weight fast’ solution is sustainable? Exercise and healthy eating!

How to lose weight fast without exercise…

We have seen it all over the internet! Keto meal plans, low carb diets, intermittent fasting, juicing and so many other eating solutions.

These have been researched and work for different people. I once did a low carb diet for 10 weeks (with 4 colossal cheat days) and lost 15 kgs. The best lose weight fast diet plan is low carb! But it is not very sustainable.

If you are new to the weight loss world, working out might seem daunting. It is very possible for you to lose weight FAST by changing your diet or adopting a meal plan.

The challenge with this is loss of muscle mass and reduction in your body’s metabolism which eventually leads to the dreaded weight loss plateau.

So what can you do?


From walking to swimming to High-Intensity Interval Training, cardiovascular exercises are the best for burning fat and helping you lose weight.

If want to lose weight fast with cardio, you need to be consistent but cautious. I tore my medial meniscus trying to lose weight by working out for 1.5 hours twice a day.

Currently, one hour of cardio home workout exercises is perfect for me. Because strength training is great for building muscle tone, I do my strength exercises in a HIIT format to get the best of both worlds. That is what I want to share with you.

Have you ever felt bored and frustrated by your workout routine? Me too!

Today, I would like to share with you 5 calorie-torching home workouts that can help you spice up your fat-burning cardio routines!

#1. Chloe Ting’s Total Abs and Full Body workout

First up is Chloe Ting’s Total Abs and Full Body workout!

Chloe Ting’s Total Abs and Full Body workout

Chloe is really cute and fun but her workouts are fire! Literally! They burn tonnes of calories if you do them right. This obviously depends on your weight and fitness level. Like she always advises, for best results, follow her schedules on her website.

However, if you are just looking for a break from your routine, this workout is A-awesome. You can check out her other workouts on her YouTube channel and spice up your routine even more. Do not just take my word for it! Check it out for yourself!

#2. Strong Nation’s Intense Cardio Toning Workout

Next is Strong Nation’s Intense Cardio Toning Workout!

Strong Nation is an international fitness community that hosts revolutionary high-intensity workouts sessions at various locations worldwide. But because I am in Uganda, and they have not reached us yet, I am so glad they decided to share snippets of their workouts on their YouTube page.

The full Strong Nation workout session is 60 minutes but trust me when I tell you that these 20 minutes will get your heart rate up, your muscles burning and those calories melting away.

And as a bonus, their music and beats are off the hook! Connect your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or home sound system and burn that fat away!

The best part of the lockdown is Strong Nation’s free home workout that you and I can enjoy anywhere at any time!

#3. Pop Sugar Fitness’ Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

60 minutes of pure exercise genius is what this workout video is! From your head to your toes, Jeanette makes sure every muscle group will be activated and challenged.

This can be done by anyone despite your fitness level because like most online fitness trainers, a modified version is included for most exercises.

PopSugar Fitness has MANY other workout options to satisfy your exercise palette ranging from low-impact to barre to pilates routines. The best part is a supportive online presence that gives fitness and nutrition advice to help make your weight loss journey smoother.

#4. Keaira LaShae’s Dancehall workout!

If you would like to get your groove on, check out Keaira LaShae on Pop Sugar Fitness, Superhero Fitness TV and BeFit. Her reggae, dance hall and island moves will have you sweating and having fun while you do.

This mom, diva, sweetheart whirlwind will make you fall in love with moving and grooving! I know I did and dropped a few dress sizes while I was at it.

Learn some moves for the next time you are at a party and burn, burn, burn those calories.

#5. The Fitness Marshall’s everything!

Again, to satisfy your groovy needs, The Fitness Marshall packs a powerful punch!

While most of his dance videos are about 3-5 minutes long, they are fun and perfect for a 20-minute workout to the latest music. He is really hilarious and has the most amazing routines!

Caleb Marshall leads you through even longer workouts with the Booty Army. And yes, even with 2 left feet (like me) you can follow along, laugh, learn some moves and burn that fat!

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Those are my favorite 5 YouTube workout videos (and trainers) to spice up your cardio routines. I am sure there are thousands more out there! Leave a comment with your favorite online fitness trainers YouTube channel and share the love by subscribing and asking our fitness tribe to do the same!

Laters y’all!

Much love,


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