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4 startling secrets that will free you from slavery to procrastination

4 startling se

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Now into today’s post…

We’ve all felt it…

…the reluctance to do something

…the dread that creeps in at the thought of scaling that mountain of assignments

…the niggling feeling of guilt when you say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

We all procrastinate! It is normal!

Even the most disciplined person gets caught in procrastination’s snare. It took me 14 days to sit down and write this post (not that I am claiming to be the most disciplined 😂).

Even as I write it, I’m drafting an Instagram post so go figure.

Sometimes, it gets so out of hand that we begin to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all and start beating ourselves up about this procrastination habit that we just can’t seem to break free from. The cycle is completed when because of that feeling of defeat, we just let procrastination win.

And then… 🐓

…your alarm rings and you hit the snooze button and the beating starts all over again.

This quagmire (yes, that’s a word) made me perform a 2-week study of myself to find out why people procrastinate. These are the 4 startling reasons why it is normal to procrastinate and how you can be free from it:

#1.  Procrastination is borne of Fear

No jokes, guys! We actually procrastinate because we get scared. Any takers?

I see y’all looking behind your back as if someone would be looking at your screen over your shoulder!

It happens! We all get scared, and it’s okay!

We panic, get anxious, have cold feet, get terrified, feel shaken, you get the idea.

You could be afraid that it will work out or that it won’t. Perhaps you are scared to botch it or maybe that your laptop may finally give out (tihihihi GUILTY!). What if people don’t like it? Has someone done it before? What if I seem like a copycat? What if I get it wrong? Won’t everyone think that I am just sucking up to the boss?

And on and on and on…

Here’s the thing friends (or as Patsy, Queen of Personal Finance loves to say… here’s the tea); being scared won’t make whatever it is get done. The longer we put off stuff we should do, the less inclined we feel to do it.

When you’re scared, do it scared! Get it out of the way and expose fear for what it really is: an illusion.

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#2. Procrastination by Exhaustion

It’s a thing!🙈

You can be too tired to lift a finger let alone do those drills (any musicians out there?). Sometimes, burn out can set you back for a week!

You are not being lazy…

…just a little unwise with your rest😅.

On the real though, I’ve been there! 2 months into my final semester at college, I was prepared to quit reading and fail my exams. Being a multipod, I had more than one project running at the time: vocal classes, business endeavors, a leadership course, final year project, writing a book…blah blah blah!

Because of all this, my days started really early and could not end soon enough. I was sick and tired of EVERYTHING. Spreading myself too thin made it impossible to give my best in all things. I was desperate for a good sleep-in, lazy day in my pajamas, and a vacation!

I’ll let you in on a secret…

…you can choose to create any one of these for yourself at whatever point in life you are now!

Listen to your body. Rest when you need to. Incorporate chill into your weekly schedule, even your daily one. Learn to unwind instead of piling exhaustion up for that annual vacation.

Even during this COVID lockdown situation, it is easy to get worked up and forget to rest. Take a step back, organize your commitments, and schedule them in a way that serves you (as much as it is in your power to do so.) Things like work deadlines may be inflexible, but you can pace yourself and still perform without burning out.

PS: Scheduling also helps to beat procrastination.

#3. Laziness

I bet you did not think it was a valid reason!

I am syked to break it to you…it is!

That feeling of unwillingness to do work or make an effort is feeding your procrastination habit.

It sounds pretty obvious when I put it like that, huh?

Whenever I am feeling sluggish, I go out of my way to create a desire to do that thing that I am procrastinating. I’ll either look at my goals or play upbeat music or get someone to remind me of its value. Sometimes, I will take a nature walk because I feel really invigorated after one of those.

What about you? What is your laziness thwarting recipe?

There is no concrete formula. You ought to do what works for you.

I gotta tell you this though…👀

Laziness really is a state of mind. You control it. You can decide whether or not you will do what you need to do.

#4. Indecision

Shout out to my phlegmatic friends!

We might find it difficult to decide because we have very many options, do not know which option to take, or are just unsure of the outcome of a choice.

Again, I’ll say, “That is okay! It has happened to all of us at some point.” Because it has!

You have probably noticed a trend by now…

or not.

Allow me to elaborate;

Procrastination is borne of a mental state that is common to the majority of the human race. Deal with this mental state and the peculiar feeling of novelty procrastination brings with it and you will be free of its clutches.

Of Life and Things

Have YOU noticed any causes of procrastination in your life? I would love to hear from you, drop a comment below about it.

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  1. Thanks shelah,I love both the layout of the words and the content. All said, procrastination is cancerous and a silent monster in many people’s lives and I believe this article is very relevant and timely

  2. Woooow!!! Always inspired by your posts and this time round this was meant for me. Thanks so much for speaking amazing words that propel me into action.

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