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5 valuable tips to make you redeem lost time and win in life

5 valuable tips to redeem lost time and win in life

Is there ever a time you catch yourself thinking back to something you shoulda, coulda, woulda done?

I can almost hear you thinking, ‘Yes! One thousand times yes!”

Here’s an experience you might relate with…

I wrote this as my younger sister sang one of her many musical compositions. I caught myself thinking, ‘Where was I looking as she got here?’🤨

Countless hours of drills, practice and obsessive pounding away at the keyboard had led to the most amazing voice I had ever heard. (And yes, we live in the same house.)

You know that niggling feeling of remorse over what you never really got around to doing. The workout you never did. A guitar collecting dust in storage. That half-written manuscript on your computer.

It all boils down to these questions:

How can I cram a lifetime of missed opportunities into what little time I have left? Can I even do that?

Here’s my list of 5 easy steps to begin redeeming your time now😄:

Quit the pity party

First things first! You cannot move forward if you are still giving a speech at your pity party. Quit the pity parties.

Yes, ALL of them; the ones your friends throw, ice-cream at 12 am, earphones and sad music…ALL of them! Even that one you just thought about because it wasn’t on this list.

Use the time to reinvent yourself. You can and will redeem the time you lost. I am confident about it.

But first, we gotta get your head back in the game.

Feedback loop

Once you’re thinking more clearly, create a feedback loop. Allow constructive feedback…no matter how much it chaffs.

My father recently called me out on a flaw that was inhibiting growth in communication with one of my siblings. At the time, I wanted to shut my ears and shout, “La, la, la!” I squelched the retort as it started bubbling up and listened.

A week later it finally dawned on me that, I communicate better; not only with my siblings but with other people.

You need to be open to feedback at all times. But there is a catch…

Weigh it carefully and root out the haters and naysayers. You wouldn’t want to base this new season on a spiteful statement that held no element of truth.😨

There may be something someone notices about you that you are blind to. If you would allow their observations to work in your favor, you will progress and find that you are closer to that coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Start where you stopped

And this is where people run into trouble…

If you had made progress, it doesn’t serve you to go back to the very beginning. Use your feedback loop to see what to work on. If you find that previous efforts cannot be used as a foundation, change what you were doing and start with these new actions.

Don’t discard the old stuff without looking at it one last time.

I’ve found that a slight tweak of the old system creates an entirely new one that works better to serve my purposes.

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Once you know where you’re at, plan!

Don’t quit reading just yet…this is the most important part.

It sounds like a boring and tedious thing but it is necessary. Unless you want to stub your toes groping around in the dark, you’ll switch on the light instead of going into a dark room.

Even if it is a familiar room, light makes your steps surer and your movement more certain.

Lay out the steps you need to take to achieve the elusive goal. What seems to have gotten away from you had been achieved by someone else.

You are not any different!

Time and effort will get you there too.

If I seek to grow my musical muscle, I need to do drills every day. If you want to become a better speaker, find audiences even if they are online and practice. Losing weight won’t happen with dropping pennies in the wishing well.

Plan and execute your plan.

I am/I can mentality

Recently, I learned that saying ‘I can’t’ is a result of the thought ‘I can’t’. Your self-image ought to be positive. You can do this because you are able.

Nothing is stopping you except you. Once this truth sinks in, you will be unstoppable.

Our thoughts choke up more times than we are willing to admit. If you break the hold negative self-talk has over you, you will do so much and achieve a lot.

Redeeming time is not impossible.

You see my point right?

You can start where you are and make a change. Weight loss, starting a business, becoming a better partner, writing a book, building your CV, name it! The time is now!

Redeem your time and start to win in life!

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  1. Ikr!

    I’d love to hear your sister sing.
    You are so right. Quit the pity party has hit home for me. We can attend that party for sooo long, not realizing the Deejay played the final song a while ago.

    Thanks for helping us hack this beauty called life.

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