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How Time Works for You; The Gift of Time

How time works for you

Can you remember a time you felt so frustrated after a first attempt?

Just this Sunday I was musing about the first time I stood in front of a substantial group of people to sing. My knees were not knocking together but I must confess that I was petrified! 😨

Rivulets of sweat started streaking down the sides of my face and I tried to wipe them away discreetly. I don’t know about success in being discreet but I only seemed to create space for more sweat. After the first song, my voice dwindled to nothing but a hoarse croak.

I have never been more grateful for the invention of musical instruments and microphones!

No, the point of the story is NOT for you to appreciate (or not) my lack of finesse. 🤦‍♀️

The Point of All This…

I want to help you see that you are not alone! Most of the things we do are not superb right off the bat. I must confess that like you, I have tried and quit quite a number of things:

  • Violin
  • Competitive scrabble
  • Recorder
  • Competitive swimming
  • Short story writing
  • Calligraphy
  • Classic piano

Heck! I almost quit blogging!

After I received the letter from ABRSM telling me that I had failed Grade 4 of classical piano, my heart dropped to my stomach. I figured it was not for me at that time and promised to come back to it.

(I never have!)

Hefting myself out of the pool after a 400m warm-up, I silently vowed to be too busy the next day to make it to practice. Thank goodness Mother Nature rendered me unable to swim for one week and I took it as a sign to stay as far away from the pool as I could.

You probably have a story of something you tried and stopped because it got too hard…

What if we had stuck it out a little longer; repeated that piano exam after more intense practice, thrown 50 more baskets every morning before dropping out of the basketball team, read 5 more books on stocks before throwing in the towel, sang more often?

Would our stories be different?

Yes! They would.😸

The Gift

You see, we have this gift. Everyone in the world receives it in equal measure. No one has to pay for it. We were all born with a definite amount of it.

There’s a catch!

We don’t really know how much of it we have.

Time is NEVER static. The moment you are born, the clock starts ticking. It doesn’t speed up or slow down. It is constantly ticking away second after second. You don’t know when that clock will stop and you cannot change that.

Here’s what you can do…

Make the most of each second you have.

Time matures anything we incubate in it.


A skill, a relationship, a project, weight loss…anything!

How about you give that thing a little more time? Small consistent efforts compounded over time create mind-blowing success!

This has been said by many speakers and authors including Jeff Olson. All it takes is a little (or a lot of time)!


If I did 15-minute vocal drills for 30 days, my voice will be better than it was that day! If you did 20 minutes of exercise every other day for a year, think of how much closer you would be to your goals! What small effort can you incubate in time? What are you trying to quit on? Is it a business, a relationship, a degree?

The gift of time is that if we unwrap it and allow our effort to marinate in it, it will produce an even greater gift; success.


Unwrap your gift and allow it to serve you! Commit to one small effort today and stick to your guns no matter how tough it gets. You will reap the reward of time, I promise you!




  1. Wow Shelah, beautiful writing know time. One of my take is all it takes to get out of that comfort zone is to marinate your gift for less than 30minutes a day….

  2. Wow, honestly there are very many things I had quit, tried to resume some but quit again and after reading this I feel so encouraged I swear I’m quitting no more and I’m going to own up. Thank you Sheelz, you’ve really blessed me today.

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