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Note to self: 22-year-old in 2020

Note to self

This blog post is inspired by CBS This Morning’s popular segment Note to Self.

Dear Shelah,

You always thought you were too much and never enough; I would like you to know that you are perfect just as you are. You have no point to prove to anyone but yourself so take life by the horns and have a great ride.

That pain you felt when your innocence was taken from you at 5 years will only define you if you let it. The struggle with pornography and anger was the backdrop of the beautiful message that you now get to share with this world; a message of hope, freedom, and abundance. Your scars make you beautiful; embrace them and step into the amazing young lady I see you becoming.

‘Too young’ is an excuse to cruise at an altitude far below your awesomeness. ‘Too fat’ is a lie that shrouds the light of your beauty shining inside and out. Fear will creep up on you just as you step into the greatness meant for you. But this should not stop you. Rather, it should lend you the wisdom of caution as you do it scared and learn every step of the way.

You are a learner, Shelah.

Embrace your curiosity and allow your mind to explore the very edges of the cosmos. Your mind is a channel through which you will help, heal, encourage, and teach countless people all over the world. Your voice is meant to be heard, so speak up, sing loud, and don’t let others silence you.

You will find love, Shelah! Yes, you are loveable, warts and all. He will be patient. He will encourage you and challenge you. You will learn things about you that you never could have dreamt of. Your faith will be tested. Your love will go through the fire. But know this, this love will be the source of your contribution to the world. Do not give up when it gets tough, fight! And the victory will be sweeter than anything you have ever known.

Allow lessons to shape your decisions, not your identity.

Allow lessons to shape your decisions, not your identity.


Do not label yourself based on tests you have done and thus limit the dynamic nature of your ever-learning mind and being. Wear all your hats with pride. You can be a construction professional and a published author. You can be a guitarist and a chef. Your hands can write words of encouragement and create works on art on the canvas of hair. Yes, you will find fancy ways to say mundane things like hairdressing but that is just you; a vibrant ray of sunshine that brings life, colour and warmth wherever you go.

Remember Shelah, life is all in your head.

The insecurity is just a figment of your imagination. You are enough. You are capable. You are relevant. Your failures do not define you. Learn from every mistake and help someone to avoid it.

Yes, you will constantly be at war within yourself because of fear of hurting a loved one. Your heart is as tender as it is kind. There is no need for the walls that you have built around your heart. Love colourfully and wholeheartedly. You do you! Do not seek approval from anyone but God because only He truly knows and understands you.

Love colourfully and wholeheartedly.


My dear Shelah, you got this. Your future is bright and your today is teeming with opportunity. Take a chance on yourself every day.

Till we meet again,

I love you.



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