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Life by Attitude; 5 attitudes to develop to live your fullest life

5 attitudes to develop to live your fullest life

Attitude: a settled way of thinking or feeling about something

There are too many zombies on our planet; people existing instead of living. This brings the lyrics of Casting Crown’s Thrive to mind:

We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives. It’s time for us to more than just survive! We were made to thrive!

I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that life is all in our minds. That is to say our experience of life depends on our perceptions. It is true that some things are fact; gravity, blood circulation and the seasons, but it is also true that these things, though magnificent, are the easel on which we get to paint the master piece that is our lives. They give structure but not form; we decide that. They provide options and we make the choice. They are the road, we are the drivers. You get to decide how pimped up you want your car (life) to be. The choice of which road to take, how clean it will be, whether or not to service, it is entirely up to you.

Much like the car, there are certain Laws that life obeys. Great men and women have written books, given talks and created systems around these laws. You might recognize some of them:

The Law of Attraction (Zig Ziglar)

The Law of Diminishing Intent (John Maxwell)

The Law of Individuality (Gary Chapman)

The Law of Reciprocity (Newton’s 3rd Law)

The laws are countless!

It can get super frustrating trying to memorize and implement each and every one of them. So, I would like to share with you attitudes that can help you successfully navigate and win in life. They will require cultivation. But once you have your mind tuned to their frequencies, it will be easier to find your way back to them (kind of like a digital car radio in favour of the dial one). Without further ado:

1. Gratitude attitude

Little wonder, right? An attitude of gratitude has been advised for almost every malady of the mind. Here’s why: IT WORKS! It is downright impossible to be grumpy, moody and hard to live with when you practice gratitude. Instead of crucifying your partners for his/her faults, you can appreciate them. This goes for you too. Quit overemphasizing your failures and working yourself into frenzy! Note 3 things about you that you are grateful for and repeat them at least 3 times. Your entire countenance will lift and you will not be so blue anymore.

When life hits you with its blues, paint some sunshine yellow on it with gratitude!

2. Learning attitude

Quit the know-it-all attitude. Always be willing to learn. Remember that there is always something to learn from even the ‘least’ of people. Your lofty position in the company does not suddenly grant you a wealth of wisdom to which no additions can be added. Graduating top of your class does not necessarily make you the highest source of information. There is something to be learned from everyone. Enter every situation ready to learn from it. Meet and speak to everyone with a malleable mind.

Disclaimer: Though it is good to learn from everyone and every situation, be careful to learn the right lessons. If something edifies you, it is probably a good addition to your arsenal. However, if it degrades someone else or causes damage to you and others, it is a lesson to learn to avoid. There is a wealth of information out there. It is up to you to pick and choose what to take and what to leave. You can only have that choice if you go in with a learning attitude.

3. Servant attitude

A servant attitude is less self-serving and listens to others. Now, I am not saying be a doormat! What I mean by this is be more considerate of others. Do not balk at the thought of serving others. The biggest problem we have as humans is a sense of entitlement. One will not want to serve coffee for the meeting because of their position. There is no rule that refuses the higher ranking person from doing something for the lower ranking person. It was all set up by our need for elevation and self-importance. Go out of your way to serve others and see how loved you will become.

It may chaff at your sense of self-importance at first.

And you may need to really check your attitude especially when no one notices it or thanks you for it. But if you keep at it, your mind set will actually change and you will find that you are the person who everyone wants to be around. Of course, if you do this to manipulate others, it will eventually show and they will shun you. So lay aside to the self-importance and entitlement and try on the servant attitude.

4. Confident attitude

I feel like it is important to follow the servant attitude with the confident attitude. Confidence is important for you to make it in this life. Being humble does mean you cannot be confident! It is important for you to have faith in yourself. If you cannot rely on you to accomplish a task, how do you expect the investor or employer to?

I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ. And this is not an excuse to detach you from Him. It is a chance to live in the power that he has granted you. Be confident in your ability to do anything! Have faith in yourself and life will happen for you.

5. Victor attitude

I did not know how else to say this, “stop playing the victim!” What happened to you is unfortunate. But it will only have power over you if you let. I was abused when I was younger. For the longest time, I moved around with the weight of what happened to me on my shoulders. It dragged me down and made me feel unworthy of every good thing.

When I was 16, I decided to kick the victim mentality to the curb. It is still a work in progress but I can ably say that it comes easier for me now than it did then. Quit victimising yourself! Life is happening all around you and you deserve to enjoy it as well.

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