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4 Mistakes to Avoid to Maintain Weight Loss

5 weightloss mistakes to avoid to keep the pounds off

Like most of you, my biggest worry when I start a weight loss program is whether or not I will be able to keep the weight off. This has caused me to pay close attention to the many different ways people lose weight. It has also brought to my attention that 5 mistakes I made every time the weight I lost came rushing back. For those who need some motivation to start your own weight loss journeys, check out my other posts on weight loss tips here.

#1. Quitting the good habits

Believe it or not, maintaining a particular weight or body shape is a lifelong commitment! Many adverts focus on the millennial age’s need for instant gratification even in weight loss. While you may take pills or teas that work, you cannot possibly take them forever.

This simply means that you need to build the basics of weight loss into your habits and eventually your lifestyle. They may include; eating healthy whole foods, exercising at least 20 minutes a day, resting enough, drinking enough water and the list goes on. When this becomes your normal, keeping the pounds off becomes as integral as breathing.

It may take some time to build the habit, but it is totally worth it!

#2. Using different weighing scales

While this has no direct bearing on your body shape or weight, it affects your perception of progress. I have just completed 30 days of a 90-day weight loss challenge. In as much as my clothes fit better and I felt lighter, a visit to the doctor showed my weight as 5 kilos heavier than when I started the challenge. The old me would have fallen apart thinking I had put on weight (pretty dumb, I know!).

Some fitness trainers discourage the use of weighing scales completely; whether or not you choose to do that is entirely up to you. I will write a post on how to track your weight loss progress without a weighing scale that you can check out.

As much as you possibly can, use the same weighing scale (preferably not a faulty one) for your regular progress checks.

#3. Overeating on rest days

My first experience with the clean eating diet is unforgettable! While I lost 15 kilos, I also realized that eating a small animal’s weight in food is very possible. Every 3 weeks after taking my measurements, I would outdo myself with any and every kind of junk food indulgence. Resting is important even in diets as we will see in the next point but this was plain gluttony!

The biggest problem with this is that it becomes a conditioned habit that does more harm than good. I found myself treating every day after the diet like a rest day and the weight eventually started packing back on (no surprise there!)

#4. Eating too little

The body was designed for self-preservation. If you feed it less than it needs for an extended period of time, your metabolism will slow down and the body will store food as fat for the time of starvation it anticipates.

Though I am not a nutritionist, I have observed that an occasional cheat day keeps me from feeling lethargic from lack of food. Like I mentioned before, do not overdo it! I try my best to keep my calories within 2000 on cheat days such that worst-case scenario; I maintain the weight loss I have achieved instead of gaining.

These are my four little secrets for you to enjoy applying. Please share this with someone who you think needs to have this information. Feel free to leave a comment on weight loss tips in the comments below.

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