Weightloss Hacks

Weight Loss Hacks; 5 Top Workout Tips

5 workout tips for weight loss

I am super excited about the results I have seen from just 15 days of practicing the tips I shared in my previous post on weight loss disciplines that work! I am 1.5 kilos lighter and can finally fit into my favorite pair of jeans.

The Weight Loss Journey

It has been a seesaw of emotions as I fought the urge to stay in bed instead of working out. There are days when I gave in to my inner monster and ate to my heart’s content, few though they were. Some evenings were harder than others as I plodded through my HIIT cardio workouts. Good days came too when I was top-of-the-line disciplined; working out twice a day, eating healthy and drinking my water.

I guess what I am trying to show you is that weight loss is not a straight path. It is full of bends and sharp curves some of which you do not see coming. Before you quit on yourself, think about how far you have come (even if it is just one day) and force yourself to keep on keeping on.

The Lessons

Here are a few lessons I learned about making the most of a workout:

1. Get enough sleep the night before

Do you usually feel really tired during a workout? I used to yawn 15 minutes into my workouts like clockwork! My body felt tired by the third exercise and I could feel my form dropping. By the time I completed a sleep-deprived workout, I’m was feeling lethargic instead of energized.

Can you identify with this?

The problem then is you don’t get enough sleep before your workouts! Work at getting at least 7-9 hours of good sleep every night before you get up and grind. Not only will it ensure an amped energy-filled workout but also a productive day. I know it has worked for me!

2. Play the right kind of music

Play the kind of music that gets your heart racing and blood pumping! I really enjoy Strong by Zumba workouts because their beats are off the hook! When I am doing my other workouts, I play EDM or songs with really nice beats. This helps me get more reps in and have fun while doing so. I also find that I have torched a few hundred more calories than I would have if the music was vanilla.

3. Weight loss is about knowing your body type!

Say what now?! Yep! You read that right. Just like life is not one size fits all, neither is exercise! Come to think of it, neither is weight loss. Knowing your body type helps you know just what kind of workouts you should be doing and what kinds of food you should be eating.

I can not talk about exercise and not mention the importance of a good diet while trying to lose weight. Modern science has developed macro breakdowns for various body types to help countless people achieve their weight goals. Workout though you may, food can make or break you on this journey. Whilst a fitness and weight loss enthusiast, I am not a medical professional and would advise that you see one about the kinds of food and exercise that would be best suited for you to lose weight.

4. Set yourself up for success mentally

Weight loss is not as cut and dry as we would like it to be. Expect good results, always! On days when you are feeling less than, draw on the stores of positivity and keep pushing. Speak life into your journey. Amp yourself up before and during your workouts.

If you get up dreading the exercise, it will feel terrible. Try approaching it with excitement and expectation and notice how much better you feel. Even as you push through the reps, encourage yourself to keep going. Have a constant self-motivation tape playing in your head through the whole routine. Your form will be better and you will get better results.

5. Incremental progress

Be kind to yourself. Take it slow and build up speed. If you are new to exercise, you ought to do beginner level workouts and allow your muscles to strengthen no matter how simple the exercises feel. Your body will tell you when it is ready to level up so listen to it. Soreness is not an excuse to skip your workout but if you are really sore, taking a rest day may be in order.

This also applies to those who have been working out for a while. You may have hit a plateau because you have refused to progress from where you are now. Allow yourself to be challenged within the limits of your current ability but realize that these limits are constantly being adjusted and act accordingly.

These are my 5 tips for having a more effective workout for weight loss. Have fun applying them but remember to always consult a physician before doing any exercise or diet.



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