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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day 5 Journal Entry

Cheat day!

Phew! Day 5 already! I must confess to you that I let loose today. It came from a point of exhaustion beyond just the physical. Have you ever felt tired of walking the straight and narrow? That is how I felt today…

So here’s what I did…

I threw caution to the wind. I had 5 carb-filled meals and two sodas in the day. Pizza featured in my diet as did a bit of chocolate. In retrospect, it might have been a bit much but I feel good about myself. My gut is not as happy as it has been the past four days but my heart and spirit are!

I guess it is okay to let loose once in a while, but within safe parameter so as not to get derailed completely. My two HIIT workouts and 8000 step target were hit despite my dietary recklessness.

The lesson I learned from today is that life will not always be sunshine and rainbows. An occasional curveball is bound to be thrown at you and you must be ready to bat it just right. Flexibility is key in any routine as are boundaries. As you embark on any journey, remember to allow for life’s little contingencies. Do not focus on them but be prepared for them.

I am working on building a healthy mind-body relationship. Please share any tips and tricks in the comments below.

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