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90-day Weight Loss Challenge – Day 2 Journal entry

90 Day Weight Loss challenge Day 2

Today went a lot better than yesterday! I got those 7 hours of sleep, fasted for 18 1/2 hours and had only two meals in my eating window.

Confession: I stretched the eating window to 9:00 pm because of my schedule but I think that is still okay. It is not inflexible.

Before I learned to be more accepting of my own humanity, I would have obsessed over this slight change! I did feel a bit disappointed because things had not gone exactly how I had planned but I did not obsess. Talking to my support team helped me realize that I was focusing on things I could not change and granted me the serenity to accept them.

A good friend of mine always tells me that hunger is in your mind and not your stomach. I found that to be true today. Having set my mind to complete victory today, I did not experience cravings

Hunger is in your mind not your stomach


Lessons learned…

So, I guess my lesson for today is just that. I need to change my mind by altering thinking patterns and food habits if I want to be successful in this conquest.

While I had a meal plan, I did not follow it to the letter because of budgetary constraints. This is what I ate:

2:30 pm: Ugandan Rolex (2 eggs and 3 chapatis), fresh juice, a mango

8:30 pm: Fresh tomatoes with chia seeds and a tablespoon of Ugandan groundnut paste (odii) + 1/2 liter full cream milk with 2 teaspoons of sugar

As you have probably noticed from my previous post, I am not too strict with my food. All this still falls within a 1200-1500 calorie window and I workout twice a day.

See you soon,


I’ll be posting my workout clips and pictures on IG @ shelah_body_transformation so feel free to check that out!


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