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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1 Journal Entry

I’m gonna make a change

For once in my life…

Its gonna feel real good

Gonna make a difference

Gonna make it right!

~ Michael Jackson

MJ probably wasn’t talking about weight loss or body transformations but the lyrics of his song Man in the mirror were playing in my head as I made the decision to commit to a 90-day weight loss and body transformation challenge.

Day 1 has just ended and I must admit that it has been a war! For the first 30 days, I intend to follow the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting eating pattern and do HIIT workouts twice a day.

I’m proud to report that I have successfully followed the planned eating patterns though I must admit that my gut is not too pleased with the foods I put in it.

By noon, my brain was so starved for food that I tripled what I usually eat for breakfast! I say my brain was starved because my stomach honestly felt pretty normal. Having got my 8 hours of sleep, there were no weird cravings or hunger pangs.

However, I did notice that I think about too A LOT!

And that I have allowed my brain free reign of my stomach for far too long. I found that I was asking for potato crisps, cake and chapati at 11:30 am and 5:45 pm. My stomach was not sending any signals and neither was my brain…it was all in my subconscious mind.

My lesson and take away from day 1 of the 90-day challenge is that our brains have been programmed by past food habits. If we want to be successful in this fight against weight, we need to take over and recalibrate our foodometers. Yes, affirmations are very much needed as well as deliberate engagement of the conscious mind.

I also realized that a food plan would have been über helpful in keeping me on track.

Here’s what I ate today:

12:00 noon (brunch): 2 Ham and lettuce sandwiches ( whole grain bread with mustard, BBQ sauce, and ketchup) + 1 PB sandwich + 2 cups of drinking chocolate

Not very healthy now that I write it down!

4:00 pm (dinner): 1 cup of boiled white rice, baked chicken and gravy+ 2 glasses pick n peel orange juice
6:30 pm: 1 cup of drinking chocolate + 1 PB sandwich

Yikes! Okay, I promise to do better tomorrow! My weight loss buddy got me apples and green tea ( to replace the DC) and I will be following a meal plan that I’ll share on my IG weight loss channel @shelah_body_transformation.

That’s it for today! Gonna grab a quick 13-minute workout and settle in for the night.

See y’all tomorrow,


If you would like to join me on my journey, please go to my IG where I’ll be posting my progress and meal plans and other stuff.

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