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Blogging disciplines every blogger should cultivate

May I just say, “Well done!” It doesn’t matter how far you have or have not moved on your blogging journey, you’re a hero(ine)! By sharing your story, you are impacting more lives than you could know. Thank you for being brave and embarking on this quest.
Today we’ll be sharing about blogging disciplines every blogger should have or cultivate. In case you have not yet read my previous articles on blogging, please do!


#1 on my list is the most mundane but important discipline of all; proofreading. I have found that a few typos and grammatical errors weave their way into my writing every now and then. The discipline of proofreading helps to weed them out.

Even after your post has been published, come back in a few hours or the next day and read through with a fresh set of eyes. You just might find an elusive mistake as you comb through your writing. Your words are immortalized on the pages of your blog site; make it perfect because it will last for as long as your domain name does.


Consistent frequency of posting is important especially when trying to build a following. As you start out, once or twice a month is enough to get your blogging wheels moving. If you can, increase your frequency to weekly and even daily. The key phrase is if you can.
In the event that you have subbies who lap up your posts hungrily, a bit of predictability is appreciated. Imagine waiting for the last episode of your favourite TV show without the certainty that it will air at the same time on the same channel next week.
Yep! That’s just how it is for your subbies.
Consistency of content/voice also matters. If you are all over the place, no one will ever really stick. It might be difficult to narrow your writing down to a smattering of topics but you got to try. If you find that finances really vibe with your mojo, make that the predominant topic of your content.
The occasional diversion to marriage or school life can be forgiven in light of the bulk of the rest of your posts fitting into a certain category.


This makes navigation of your blogsite easier. A typical blogging engine will display all related articles in a particular category as suggestions to your readers for further perusal of your blog. As a reader, imagine the relief when the vey question you had while reading one blog post is answered in the title of a suggested post (just saying!)
This also improves your stats and as a result traffic to your site. As traffic increases, your blog could potentially move up the search engine food chain.


Replying comments does not mean that you ought to sit at your laptop with fingers poised over the keypad all day! Your audience needs to feel appreciated and known. When their comment comes in, thank them for reading or for commenting. Gratitude goes a long way in securing the good will of humans.
You may want to consider scheduling a time in your week or fortnight for this. I have used this technique and it has worked for me so far. Do not let the comments accumulate lest your get too lazy to reply them.


Avoid plagiarism! Yep! On blogs too. It is unethical and uncultured in the writing diaspora to pass of someone’s work as your own. Reference any sayings and quotes. If you can include it, even the images should have a citation.
You have a wealth of words and wisdom in you. Don’t allow to become reduced to a common thief, stealing others writings. Whatever it takes to get your own words onto the page is all you should do. Do not get caught up in wanting to sound more eloquent or intelligent. You are enough! You are perfect just the way you are; warts and all.
It is you we want to hear from. Not the lady or gentleman whose writing you are attempting to siphon fuel from.

And there you have it! 5 disciplines every blogger should cultivate. Please let me know in the comments if the blogging series has been helpful so far and any other disciplines you believe a blogger should cultivate.
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