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3 simple tips on choosing your blog content

5 simple tips on how to choose your blog content

Welcome back! Yesterday, we talked about the basics of blogging prep. If you have not had a chance to read my previous post, feel free to read it first; Blogging 101.

Now that that’s out of the way, let us talk about your content. Just in case you have not been able to set up your blog yet, follow this guide to help you get started. After all, you cannot post great content without a blog site.


I have found that writing a blog post comes easier when the topic is a passionate one for me. What makes you tick? That’s what you should write about. Your authenticity will be felt in the rawness of emotion your words carry and this will get your reader hooked.

A shallow few paragraphs haphazardly stuck together by band aids will do little for you as a blogger. Content matters!

Here’s a practical tip:

Write down a list of at least five things that you are passionate about.

Of Life and Things

It could be fashion, style, health, God, parenting, politics, hair, gardening…name it! The outlandishness of your list is of no consequence; just get it out onto paper.


Once you’ve got your list, trim it down to the top 5 passions. Then look at these passions through the lens of relevance. Unless you’re blogging to simply satisfy a class requirement, you’re going to want your blog to draw a multitude of readers and subscribers to give you better reach and influence on the internet.

If you fall in the former category, whatever you write goes. For my comrades in the latter category, identify a gap in your immediate society and see whether your passion can be contextualized to it (it almost always can). Then write!

Here’s a practical tip:

List the ways your passion can fill a gap in your society.

Of Life and Things

To illustrate, I have always been passionate about teenage emotional health. As I look around in my society, depression is not talked about that much or even recognized as a big enough problem to be tackled. Now, I write about things that help alleviate, tackle or ease the passage of depression drawing from my experiences in teenage and from those of teenagers I interact with.


John Maxwell writes in his book 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth; Life is in session , are you present?

A lot is going on around you; on the way to work/school, as you park our car/get on that boda-boda, even in the conversations with your children and spouse. Everything has the potential to be a great blog post if you are attentive.

Many a blog post has been drawn from day to day happenings that seem too mundane to garner a second thought.


Here’s a practical tip:

Carry a notebook or install a notebook app on your phone/tablet and record something that stood out for you everyday (when you remember to).

That should give you at least ten more things to write about aside from your passion projects.

You can draw your content from just about anything! These 3 simple tips are to help you get started.

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