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Beauty; what it’s not!

Beauty; what it's not!

Before we delve into this fortnight’s post about beauty allow me to say, “Happy New Year, one and all!” I’m incredibly syked about 2020; mostly because I finish college this year but also because of the time we get to spend together here at Of Life and Things. I will also be writing my book Of Life and Things this year; a tribute to you all.

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Now into what really brought you here…beauty; what it’s not!

I find that the fickle opinions of society and the media have entangled me in a web of confusion and threatened to choke what little esteem I had managed to scrounge up. Unfortunately, I am not alone.


For the longest time, women and men have allowed their minds to be moulded by whatever trend society considered acceptable with regards to beauty and sexiness.

Let’s take a few steps back in time…

In the early 1400s, a curvy body and blonde hair were all the rage for women. This lasted until the Victorian era where smaller waists were envied and even coveted. The corset was every girl’s best friend. In this time, make up was frowned upon because the good Queen did not consider it ladylike to wear rouge or colour of any sort really on one’s skin. This is the antonym of earlier beliefs where ladies stained their lips red with sandlewood mixed with ethanol. In Queen Victoria’s time, this look was considered indecent and sometimes termed “the look of the devil“.

If this is not enough to convince you just how fickle society and her opinions are, maybe this will.

The 1920s brought with them the boyish look. Women bound their chests in a bid to achieve the appearance of smaller breasts and bold makeup made a comeback. By the late 1900s, society had bounced from muscular to hourglass figures to skinny back to muscular and then again to skinny in its definition of beauty.

Beauty cannot be what society defines it to be because society cannot make up its mind!

A very exasperated Sheelz

Come to of think it, society has inadvertently accepted all body shapes and sizes in its fickleness. This is why I can say (with great confidence too!) that, “I am beautiful! And you are too!”


Beauty is not the number of abs you are spotting and neither is it the number of inches the tape reads when wrapped around your hips. It is not your age and neither is it dependent on your age.

Weird as it is, your bank account does not define your beauty either. There is a common belief that money makes anyone look good. I hate to break it to you but it is your treacherous brain that shifted gears and accepted the person’s looks because of their bank balance.

Their looks never changed, your outlook did!

Life Lessons

Now, this does not give you a free pass to the Fast & Loose lifestyle where exercise does not matter and fast food is part of your daily diet. You owe your body the greatest care because it carries you around all day, all week, all month and all year round. Get enough sleep, drink enough water and exercise; not to beat your body into a particular shape but to feel good.

Your weight, height, age, bank balance, waist size, number of abs, number of pimples and whatever other hogwash has been crammed into your brain to feed the lies about beauty that seem to have taken residence in your mind are just that; HOGWASH!

We have already ascertained that society can only hold an opinion for all of a century so pick your century and live in it. (Ok! Maybe not!)

My point is…

Beauty is what you allow it to be. It’s definition and interpretation is entirely up to you. What you feed your mind is what will eventually become your opinion (view/outlook) about beauty.

Beauty is what you make it!




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