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Celebrate you!

Today’s post will be shorter than the previous ones but I hope you will hear my heart in the words you read…

Dear Diary,

Celebrate don’t settle…

Teddy Mugeni

Something profoundly simple that has confounded me for more than two decades. I have been living in a utopia; an alternate universe I created for myself where I believe I have overcome the siren song of self-pity and self-hate. The spell was broken this Saturday when I was called out on the demeaning talk that flowed so easily from my lips.

The words came so easy!

No wonder my brain chose the path of fantasy over reality. Nobody is perfect! Not even you favourite Instagram celebrity. Beauty radiates from a soul that celebrates itself. Life and hope flow out of the heart that rejoices in strengths and weaknesses the same.

Yes, it is imperative that we keep growing and challenging ourselves to become better. But, it is also imperative that we celebrate who we are at every stage of our journey. Don’t be blinded by ideals you have adopted in your mind and forget to acknowledge, applaud and appreciate the beauty that looks back at you in the mirror.

I am beautiful, flaws and all; and so are you!

What do you say to a new way of living? One where we celebrate ourselves no matter how much further we have to go. A wise lady told me, “Do you, be you!” There is no one and neither will there ever be anyone who can be as you as you can! How cool is that!

On the real though!

Everything about you is perfect for you! Your eyes and your complexion blend together beautifully to make a masterpiece that the Creator looked at and said it is good. The same hands that formed you paint magnificent waves on the ocean and breath-taking sunsets in the evening. The same mind that planned you calculated the measure of the mountains and the number of sand grains that form the seashore. Do you truly think He would make something substandard?

Heck, No!

It is not in God’s nature to be less than perfect in all He does. He knew what He was doing when he formed you, when He made you different from all your siblings. He still knows what He is doing as you blossom into the person, He predestined for you to be. Celebrate you!

You are a masterpiece!

Throw out the old way of thinking and comparing yourself to others and be unapologetically you. I am on Day 3 of #CelebratingMe as I write this post and many old thoughts are trying to worm their way back into my mind. But I choose to celebrate not settle so I will put in the work everyday for as long as it takes.

It is my hope that you too will make the decision to celebrate you and not settle.



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