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5 Simple Hacks To Move from Frustrated to Fulfilled

Your journey from frustrated to fulfilled starts today

Frustrated? I got you! These past few weeks have been a jumble of emotions tripping over each other to get the lion’s share of my attention. Frustration filled my entire being. As one negative emotion latched onto the forefront of my thoughts, it dragged me down into the murk of its yucky yucky relatives. Insecurities I had laid to rest reared their ugly heads again and again.

My need for venting aside, you didn’t come to hear about me! If you are or have been frustrated or maybe know someone who is in such a rut, I’d love to share with you five simple hacks I use to move from frustrated to happier more fulfilling life.


Say what! Yep! You got all this energy inside you begging for release! Let it out. It’s kinda like nausea, sometimes you only feel better after you’ve hurled. (sorry about the ickiness) Now don’t get me wrong and go and vandalize a shop or school building or whatever. Create something!

Heads up! List of energy channeling ideas coming up…

Write a poem. You could compose a music piece or go for a walk. Like me, you could write a blog post or visit a friend, clean up the yard, rearrange the furniture…do something constructive. Don’t just sit around frustrated and moping all day.

Better yet, if by some fluke of nature, you still wanna break stuff, do what Pete and Lizzie did in Instant Family. Demo work! (where it’s needed) The point is; get that energy out of your body and allow the clean positive one to flow in. This your first step to move from frustrated to fulfilled.

Sometimes we have it backwards, we try to do the whole gratitude and happy thoughts thing while we’re still clogged up with the negative gunk that put us in the funk in the first place. (see what I did there with the rhyme!!!) Oh well…Moving on!


I recently had knee surgery and I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have wanted to scream the house down! Unable to sit for long, walk for long, lie down for long ARGH!!!!! The pain, the uncertainty…every little thing got onto my already frayed nerves leaving me frustrated beyond words.

Contrary to how you may be feeling right now, there is so much to be grateful for even in the direst of circumstances. Maybe you went out on a limb and started a business that fell down all around your ears or that girl you have always liked just can’t seem to get with the program and say yes. Perhaps you and your boyfriend decided to take a break or the bills just keep piling up. Or maybe (fill in whatever is making you frustrated) No matter what you are going through, every cloud has a silver lining. You’re alive! You can see! (you’re reading this aren’t you?)

Write down the things you are grateful for every morning and every night. On the extra dark days, take them out, read them and be reminded that despite the frustration, there are some things you can still be grateful for. Consequently, this will put you in a grateful frame of mind and eventually lift your entire countenance. I know it helped me! Try it out.

Frustration is like a being in a tunnel with the proverbial light at its end. Gratitude pokes holes into its walls and lets the sunlight of life in lifting your spirits and adding a bounce to your step… but only if you’ll let it. 



If you are frustrated, its highly likely that you are operating way below your potential and the inherent achiever in you is itching to come out. I know…I know…some of you chill folks are looking at that statement with horror and contempt…possibly an eye roll or two.

Hollup! Hear me out before you bail!

Most times we get frustrated because of financial, health or academic inadequacies. The fact that you feel discontent with where you are means your subconscious mind is ready to move on to YOU 2.0 while your conscious mind is getting a little too comfortable in an outdated version of you.

Quit fighting the change wave and do something that both scares and stretches you into a whole new dimension of your awesome life. If you always sang back up in the choir, lead a song or two. If you score 60% average, aim for 80%. If you spend your days on the couch watching movies, build a skill or two (c’mon I know you have at least one) Well you get the idea, if you don’t like where you are, MOVE!

If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.

Jim Rohn


There nothing to be gained from comparing yourself to another person save for envy, insecurity and maybe even a bit of animosity and a whole bucket full of …yep you guessed right… frustration. If you measure yourself and your accomplishments using someone else’s yard stick, chances are high that you’ll either always come up short, cultivate a false sense of accomplishment or end up frustrated. Your only competition should be you.

Yeah sure! Draw inspiration from those better than you but this doesn’t mean obsessively compare everything you don’t have but want to what the other person has (‘effortlessly’)

Half the time I get frustrated, I am comparing myself to someone else. NEWS FLASH! There will always be someone better than you…but no one can be a better you than you! Comparing yourself to others only makes you feel worse about yourself; whether on social media or in real life. Someone having more likes than you on Instagram doesn’t give you a free ticket to the biggest pity party of all time.

 Until you get to the place where you are living your life your way, frustration will keep cropping up in all the crevices of life’s sidewalk.

There’s no special formula to this one! Just Quit comparing yourself to others.


My frustration has been borne of my impatient streak more times than I can count. I am learning (pretty slowly I might add) that life has a timeline and unless you’re God you have no control over it. Yep! Nada! Zilch! Zippo! No control whatsoever.

I had a run in with life’s timeline…

There was this guy…dream guy (like 90% of my list guy) and his smile…Oh Lord! Let’s just say he is one of the Lord’s creations that I was truly in awe of. Anyhoo! One month down the road, I knew I liked him and I was getting REALLY impatient.


I ‘shot my shot’ and missed. I shrugged it off and moved on with life.

Three months later, he asked me out and I said yes. As a result of my earlier impatience, the feeling that I had coerced him into asking me out stayed with me for the first two months of our relationship making me insecure and doubt the authenticity of what we had until I had had enough. After a bit of introspection, I realized that the cause of my frustration stemmed from my impatience. Trying to rush things along will only serve to cause you boatloads of frustration.

Don’t fall into the same trap I did. Whether its business, weight loss, academic excellence, athletic achievement or relationships, everything has a timeline. Respect it! This also applies to missed opportunities. Perhaps the timeline moved before you were ready and you missed your opportunity, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. Something else is coming your way. Instead of getting hang up on what you missed, prepare yourself to make the most of what is coming.

Okay that’s the more structured way to break of out the frustration, sometimes all you need in a good book and some hot chocolate. We all cope in different ways. Please share how you deal with frustration in the comments below and subscribe (mwaaahhhh! Thank you!)




  1. Spot on I must say, there are things that we can not control and have to accept them. But the choice to move on s ours

    1. You are very right Francis! Sometimes we rob ourselves of the joy we so desperately look for because we are unwilling to move on from things that no longer serve us. We can always control our reactions to those uncontrollable situations and enjoy life in spite of them.

  2. What a breathe of fresh air 💨 this read is for me! It’s a reminder that life happens to everyone and we’ve got to find 🔍 the best way to cope up with it. Thanks for the words 💬 of wisdom and insights.
    Chocolate 🍪 bites and warm 🔅 showers are my favourite 🔖 ways of coping up with depression.
    My favourite quote when it comes to stemming off the underlying cause of frustration is from Bill Gates, “If you’re comparing yourself to others, you’re insulting yourself”. This reminds me that I am unique and my greatest power 🔌 lies in me simply being myself and quit trying to be like everyone else, just like you said.
    Thanks, Sheelzie for the read 📖. You’re a true star 💫

    1. Thanks for share Delight! A warm shower does sound like a heavenly way of coping. i’ll make it a point to try that next time.

  3. Thank you Sheilah..I believe frustration is something that we cant avoid in our lives and this piece of writing enriched me with how to deal with it .

  4. This was long overdue🤗…thanks for thr hacks Shelah. Also want to hear more about the guy with the smile in the next one😅

    1. I hear you girl! Took a while for that lesson to sink in for me. My pleasure! Thank you for the constant guidance and encouragement

  5. Remarkable read Shelah. Its imperative that we understand that God’s timing really is impeccable (esp @ #5). Thank you.

      1. I hear you in the way you write; the phrases. I read this in your voice! And I’m so one of the ‘chill folks’, comfort zone is my prison. Maybe I’ll break out sometime.
        Please write some more!

  6. Wow Its encouraging and indeed got some hacks to deal with my frustrations. Especially turning that energy into creativity , most tines its what kills us, but boo, Answer already got ..and am sure ..Will deal with it .

    Thanks ..Sheela.

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