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The Beauty of a Learning Mind

The beauty of a learning mind

There is tremendous beauty to be found in a learning mind. From the mind of the ‘amped’ pre-schooler to that of the age old senior, stores of beautiful treasures abide.

Now, now… don’t give up so soon. “What boring drivel!”, you think. Well, I challenge you to read me to the end. Then and only then, can you make your conclusion.

Now, where was I…? The mind!

Running as fast as their little legs can carry them, toting bags half their height, with brilliant smiles on their faces, the kindergarten class arrives. The newest color, texture, sound, taste and words cause their sweet angel faces to glow with delight. Their minds soak in the knowledge, locking it away for the next time they can use it. Every moment is a learning time. Every sound, like a church bell’s chime. Taste and touch all blend together into one massive explosion of excitement and newness. Such is the mind of the learning child.

A few inches taller, and a few teeth later come the elementary school hooligans. Bouncing to the ceiling and back with their boundless energy. Racing across the pages of a storybook, eager to catch the elusive end. Battling giant figures with their stubby fingers and wooden swords. Their zest for life and all it holds spills over into their thirst for knowledge.

Albeit wiser, knobby kneed and pimple-faced are the junior high school kids. Notable reluctance and grumbled compliance frame their disposition. But beneath all this lies a thirsty mind trying to make sense of the change around and within using the knowledge acquired before. The wheels turn faster and information is churned out faster. The mind has developed its first pair of wings.

Taking to flight, the seniors spout philosophical jargon hoping to impress that girl two tables over. Movies and novels are the best tutorials and cliff notes on “Philosophy for Dummies”. Talking their way out of any scrapes and causing trouble at every turn with impressively thought out plans that leave even the finest detective minds baffled.

This was what my experience was with children in school as I taught. Each day, the beauty of their inquisitive, relentless, quick learning minds brought a smile to my face. I hope you have seen what I saw in these few words.

Thank you for reading to the end.


  1. I love words and I love what you’ve done with them here; I saw the rhyme. (insert smug smile emoji) This is nice sensei (bows)

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